Is anybody there?

So I’ve been a bit quiet lately. This is a combination of a couple of things:

  • Surprise exams! – My new favourite thing. Last week was spontaneously exam week. That’s now over, but the workload is still high leading up to the actual midterm exams early next month
  • General life – Classwork, homework, teaching, letting the smogair fill my lungs etc. That’s always there, but it still fills about 40-50h / week. But that still leaves plenty of time. The biggest distraction would have to be:
  • My old housemate (and countrymate’s boyfirend) is on holiday in Wuhan. We’re all fairly distracted with activities before he goes back to Sydney. But that does mean I have some stories.

For now, I’m going to buy your silence with some photos (and their stories will follow soon).


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