New Beginnings

It’s been 4 years since I moved to Wuhan, China with only a little cultural knowledge, a few printed maps and directions but just only knowing one word of the language – Taxi (出租车).

Despite my usual methodical and planned approach to things I dived in head first. Thanks mostly to a couple of friends on the ground and despite all odds, somehow I not just survived but thrived (Thanks Robby, Ryan and Tina).

4 years ago I was writing furiously until one day I suddenly stopped and this blog went dormant. I didn’t get bored or distracted like I usually do, Instead something else stopped me.

I started to integrate. I could no longer write quirky posts about strange Chinese habits from the perspective of an outsider. I could no longer sit in the peanut gallery and laugh because these habits started to make sense in a backwards kind of way.

I actually have at least one draft that was almost ready to publish and it just felt weird to own that ‘outsider’ writing. I’ll dig it up soon and post it as-is but know that my perspective has definitely changed since that was penned.

But the Wheel of Time turns and new ages come to pass

My partner Daenara was offered the same scholarship program that I was (to learn Chinese for a year – in fact she’s been offered 18 months and they really want her to stay for masters).
Sadly the majority of my old network of friends and acquaintances have moved back home or elsewhere in the world, but that means I have an excuse to come back – both to spend quality time with Dany and also to help her get set up and survive the initial dark tide of bureaucracy. Also the language barrier but mostly the bureaucracy.

I have a whole heap of new things I’ve been itching to add to this blog and I’ll do that over the next few weeks, also if you’re new here I recommend reading from oldest to newest. I’ll try and set up a page in reading order to make that easier but for now start the last post and working forward [Here]

Dany is also doing the whole China-blogging thing (with a couple of posts from her time visiting Sydney just prior). You should check her blog out here:



One thought on “New Beginnings

  1. Really like you coming out with the realization that that old outsider foreigner perspective on China changed over time. The very same thing happened to me, but if left to me to describe that feeling, I’d need sometime to conjure the right adjectives and notions. I think you found the right words to describe it. Great read, Bradner. I’ll be prowling.


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