The First Days (Part 2)

Settling in Wuhan is hot. Wuhan is Humid. As I write this (30/8/12), it's currently 9.30pm, and it's 32ºC and hazy. Being international students, we actually get truly spoiled compared to the locals. I've been hiding indoors for most of the day in air-conditioned comfort watching buildings 1-2km away disappear and reappear from the haze. … Continue reading The First Days (Part 2)



Today was the start of class. Or at least it should have been if it wasn't surprise-cancelled. But it still meant a 7am wakeup, which turned into 6am. So instead I spent the day wandering through campus with a camera and captured the good, the bad and the ugly. And then I got home, set the photos … Continue reading Zzzzzz